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Hanks Burgers & Beer - Reviewed

Last Wednesday afternoon I had the pleasure of frequenting this establishment with my work colleagues Mister E and Sir Keith. As I entered the premises I was quite in awe of the effort and expense they had gone to with the interior. It was a real “Ode to Americana” with plenty of tables and seating to accommodate the crowds on a busy Friday and Saturday Night.

Anyhow, we made our way to the bar to place our orders and grab a beverage. The young lass behind the bar was very gracious and convivial, we had already decided earlier in the day that we’d all get the New York Double (Double beef, double cheese, bacon, onion, pickles, hank's sauce, ketchup and American mustard, served with fries). I also ordered a serve of “Hank’s Hot Wings” as I was delirious with hunger. To wet the old whistle Sir Keith and Mister E both got refillable glasses of Coke and I got a pint of Heineken (on draft) which cost $11. Now, in regard to the beer selection, I was very disappointed that they didn’t offer ANY American beers on draft. Having such standard fare as XXXX Gold, James Squire and Toohey’s etc. really detracted from the American experience I thought. They did have Bud, Miller and Coors in bottles but that was about it. This aspect of the restaurant needs some serious revision.

Well, our orders arrived at the table in a very reasonable amount of time and the burgers, fries and wings all looked visually stunning. We all took our happy snaps then went in for the first bite; I grabbed that glistening, soft brioche bun and took an almighty chomp. What ensued was an amazing journey through a mountain of prime ground dripping beef, gooey cheese and luscious condiments. The patties were dense, juicy and flavourful and cooked a little over medium. I would have to give the burger a 10/10 – it was absolutely superb. Oh boy, and the fries – they were thin, crispy, oily, well seasoned deliciousness that I practically inhaled – they too were deserving of a 10/10. Now, after I gobbled all that up my focus turned to the wings that much to my surprise actually had the hot wing sauce on the side for dipping - rather than being smothered in it. I first tasted a wing without the sauce and it certainly packed a lot of flavour on its own. The skin was crispy and the meat had a perfect texture to it. I tried the sauce and it was volcanic, I quickly realised why it was on the side for dipping. I would also give these Hot Wings a solid 10/10.

What did Sir Keith and Mister E think? Well, they were both really impressed with Hanks and like myself plan to dine there again really soon.

Hanks Burgers & Beer is located at 55 Caxton Street, Petrie Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000

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