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About SwillinGrog


Swill is a long-time enthusiast of malt beverages that has done his utmost to explore the hugely diverse “World of Beer” by bringing that world to him (for the most part). After developing a taste for American Adjunct Lagers (Schlitz, Miller Genuine Draft and Budweiser etc.) in his early years he soon expanded his horizons with Pale Ales, Dry Irish Stouts, Dutch Lagers, Czech Pilsners and German Wheat Beers. They all tasted radically different to the regular Aussie Lagers that his peers drank religiously.


Many years passed and the “Beer Odyssey” continued. In late 2010 during a period of leave that was intended for a visit to the United Kingdom, Swill became immersed in the You Tube Drinking Community and decided to take a crack at creating Video Beer Reviews. Under the moniker of “SwillinGrog” he posted his first review in early 2011 - adhering to a simple formula of keeping it honest, unbiased and impromptu.


Ten years down the track he still enjoys the challenge of finding out of the ordinary beers here in Australia and abroad then sharing that experience online.

Honolulu 2016
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