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The Hite Dry Finish D Saga

I had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Hite Dry Finish D at Dan Murphy's after I saw it listed as “coming soon” on their site back in early January. After waiting a few weeks I lodged an enquiry and was advised by them that it was to become available at the end of February BUT only in select NSW stores and online. At that point I thought they must fail to realise how well in would probably sell at the Sunnybank, Brisbane store that I frequent due to the large Asian population in that area.

Anyhow, that same day I stumbled upon a case of Hite Dry Finish D bottles in a liquor store near work. I asked the Clerk how much and he responded that they were a special sample for the manager. I told him that I would buy them and a slab of Ice Point for $90 - 100 so he took down my details etc. for the manager BUT of course there was no further response.

Despite what I was previously told by Dan Murphy's, Hite Dry Finish D became available to order online at the end of January. I ordered my case and it took 6 days to be delivered. I received a notification from Australia Post on that morning that my consignment was onboard with the driver for delivery. Unfortunately they failed to follow the Delivery Instructions to leave the consigment at my front door if site was unattended. A re-delivery wasn’t possible so I had to wait 3 more days until I could do a Saturday morning pickup from my local Post Office. If they just followed some simple instructions it could of been deep chilling in my bar fridge for the previous 3 days but those plans were completely derailed due to the idiocy of some indifferent bozo. I of course lodged a formal complaint with Dan Murphy's.

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